Alaska Unclaimed Funds


There is over $26,000,000 being held in Alaska unclaimed money.

The current list has over 50,000 people on it.

That is relatively small as far as the state unclaimed money lists are concerned, however, Alaska ranks 47th in population behind North Dakota, Vermont, and Wymoing, so you can understand why they might not have as many people on their list as other states.

Alaska has an unclaimed property act, (AS 34.45) that requires businesses (both profit and non-profit) as well as governmental agencies to file unclaimed money reports with the Department of Revenue.

Most property in Alaska is considered unclaimed after three years. That is when it is turned over to the state.

The following are abandonment periods for property commonly reported under the unclaimed property program.

Type of Property                             Years

Safe deposit box contents                 1

Utility deposits                                      1

Wages                                                        1

Life insurance proceeds                    3

Customer overpayments                  3

Savings/Checking accounts            5

Stocks and bonds                                5

Travelers checks                                15

This is only a partial list as there are many types of property turned over to the department of revenue.For more information on reporting unclaimed money and Alaska unclaimed money in general please go to the official Alaska unclaimed money website.

Did you know that there is a little known business where you can actually get paid to find unclaimed money for other people?

Unclaimed money finders search for people that have money being held for them and help them claim it. In return they charge a fee for their service, which is a percentage of the amount that they have recovered. It’s a very easy business that not too many people know about.

If you would like to learn more about it, please click here.


  1. mary armstrong says

    after minnie thomas’ death i was supposed to collect her social security but my brother did not fill out the paper work i was wondering if its not to late to claim her social security?

    • unclaimedfunds says


      I really don’t know anything about that, but if you are entitled to it then you should contact the social security administration directly. Here is their website,, but it’s probably easier to go to one of their locations and ask in person in order to get an answer.

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