Arkansas Unclaimed Funds

Arkansas ParkThere is currently more than $170 million worth of Arkansas unclaimed money being held!

The below table shows the dormancy period for money being held in Arkansas before it is turned over to the unclaimed money department.


Arkansas UCP Dormancy Periods

Property Type Period
Class Action proceeds 1 year
Courts 1 year
Credit Balance 3 years
Debt Security 5 years
Demand, Savings, or Time Deposit 5 years
Dissolution Distribution 1 year
Government, Governmental Subdivision, Agency or Instrumentality 1 year
Insurance/Annuity 3 years
Life/Endowment 3 years
Mineral Proceeds 5 years
Money Orders 7 years
Retirement Accounts and Plans 3 years
Safe Deposit Box Contents or Safekeeping 5 years
Stock or other equity interest 5 years
Travelers Checks 15 years
Wages, commissions 1 year
Utility Deposit or Refund 1 year
All Other Property not specifically listed such as uncashed checks, drafts, and instruments; property held by agents and fiduciaries, etc. 5 years

Once money has been dormant for the period of time mentioned above, the company that is holding it is required by law to turn it over to unclaimed money department.

There it is held in perpetuity until the rightful owner claims it.

Arkansas has what is called the “”Great Arkansas Treasure Hunt” where you can search for unclaimed money being held there.

For more information on Arkansas unclaimed money, and to do your own search, please go to the Arkansas Unclaimed Money website.

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detectiveThere is a little known business that lets you do that. Unclaimed money finders locate people that don’t know they money being held for them and help them to recover it.

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  1. Jana Fornes says

    Just checking on my status. Have yet to hear from anyone about what I need to do to claim my fundsthat don’t charge me alot of money.I don’t have any monetary this time, that’s why um checking on my status. I need my money. Thank you for reading this post.

  2. says

    My brother and I are searching for his profit sharing / 410(K) from Ranger Boats when he left. Alan Lasecki left there in 2003 after working for 16 years and 3 days!! Please assist us in finding out what happened to that money!!!!!!!

  3. evelyon marie rustin says

    Checking on unclaimed money for my deceased dad Lionel Ozell Kelley St. born June 25 1928 and deceased May 25 2014.

  4. Rosie gibson says

    I won a lottery in 1988 and I never received it. I am looking for it now I missed place the letter I received due to moving I need help finding it

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