Chicago Downtown in the nightIllinois is currently holding over $2.1 billion in unclaimed funds!

Most of these funds are from accounts belonging to people that have been inactive for at least five years.

It’s easy for Illinois residents to discover if they have assets waiting for them. Residents have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by searching the I-Cash website. Discovery is a simple, three-step process:

1. Enter your name in the online search field
2. If it’s a match, fill out and submit the online claim form
3. Receive your property or cash and enjoy what you’ve discovered

Within weeks, residents are reconnected with their cash or assets, allowing them to enter the next exciting phase of discovery – discovering how to use their findings.

detectiveDid you know you can make money finding unclaimed money for other people?

There is a little known business that lets you do that. Unclaimed money finders locate people that don’t know they money being held for them and help them to recover it.

In return, they charge a commission after the money is recovered.

Please click here if you would like to learn more about this business.


  1. Robert Gall says

    My name is Robert Gall and I’m looking for my relatives unclaimed Money, please contact me through my email address if you locate estate left by my family members

  2. yvonne devost says

    Trying to find unclaimed money that was left in c.ds under my 3 daughters names in waukegan illinios at citizen bank they never recieved there intrest off the money they were suppose recieve it when they turned 21

  3. tracey d jones says

    Im looking for my grandmothers unclaimed inheritance money that was left for me. please contact me by email. thanks!

  4. Robert R Rodman 111 says

    Please check o see if there is any unclaimed funds for Robert R Rodman Sr
    also fo Herbert Hales Sr

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