Arizona Unclaimed Funds

Weaver's Needle HikeIf you have lived there, there is a one in seven chance that  Arizona unclaimed money belongs to you.

The dormancy period, or amount of time that money goes unclaimed before it has to be turned over to the state, varies depending on the type of property that it is.

The property types and time period that they are considered abandoned in Arizona are listed below.

Property Type
Abandonment period
Traveler’s check
3 years
Money order or similar written instrument
3 years
Any stock or other equity interest in a business association or financial organization
2 years
The principal on debt of a business association or financial organization
2 years
A demand, savings or time deposit and any interest or dividends
3 years
Credits owed to a customer as a result of a retail business transaction
3 years
An amount owed by an insurance company on a life or endowment insurance policy or annuity that has matured or terminated
3 years
Policy or annuity that is payable on proof of death
1 year
Proceeds of a life or endowment insurance policy or annuity contract not matured by actual proof of the death of the insured or annuitant according to the company’s records
1 year
Property that is held by a court, government or governmental subdivision, agency or instrumentality
2 years
Property in any individual retirement account, defined benefit plan or other account or plan that qualifies for tax deferral under the income tax laws of the United States
2 years
Any amount that is payable on a check, draft or similar instrument on which a financial organization or business association is directly liable, including a cashier’s check and a certified check
3 years
All other property
3 years
Excess proceeds deposited with the county treasurer pursuant to A.R.S. § 33-812
2 years
Any dividend, profit, distribution, interest, redemption, payment on principal or other sum held or owing by a business association for or to its shareholder, certificate holder, member, bond holder or other security holder
2 years

Please go to the Arizona unclaimed money website for more information regarding unclaimed money being held by the State of Arizona.

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  1. unclaimedfunds says

    I did not see any Delila Pedroza in Arizona, but there were a 106 Pedroza’s, some of them with just a last name.
    Why don’t you go to and enter your first and last name on the right hand side and see if you recognize any of the names or addresses that come up.

  2. Brad Van Ness says

    I have been notified thar there is unclaimed funds in my name, would like to find out where , why , and how do i claim this money

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