Florida BeachesThe State of Florida is currently holding more than $1.5 billion in unclaimed money!

This comes from a variety of dormant accounts from financial institutions, utility companies, insurance companies, and just about any other type of company you can think of.

In Florida, unclaimed money is deposited into the state school fund where it is used for public educations.  That does not mean that you can’t claim it.  There is no statute of limitations and you can claim your funds at any time.

You can search the Florida unclaimed money website  and see if you have money being held for you or someone you know.

If you find money being held for you, you will need to submit a claim form.  The unclaimed money department in Florida is allotted up to 90 days to process your claim.  If they need more documentation, it may take longer.

Even if they don’t need documentation, it may take longer, not much you can do there but wait.

Proper documentation will definitely include a proper form of identification and will probably require proof that the unclaimed money does indeed belong to you.   Depending on whether you have moved or a person is deceased will effect what type of proof you need.

Chapter 717 of the Florida Statutes does not allow for interest to be paid on your money.



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  1. Marge Pahlkotter says

    How do I find out about mutual funds of a deceased? State of Florida trying to contact me as next of Kin?

  2. nancy ann kalinowski mason says

    I am trying to help a friend in finding an insurance policy left by her mother. Her mothers name is Catherine Moriarty kalinowski. I’m not sure what year she passed away,but the policy she was told about is suppose to be for $5000 as inheritance money. Catherine lived in Shalimar,FL. Thank you.

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