NAUPA – National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators

MoneyflagNAUPA, The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators represents state governments that actively locate owners while protecting forgotten unclaimed money until found.

It is a non-profit organization affiliated with the National Association of State Treasurers and the Council of State Governments.

Members represent all states, the District of Columbia, and other international governmental entities. It provides a forum for continuing discussions regarding interstate cooperation, education, training, uniform laws, reporting requirements and increasing the public’s awareness of the role the states play in protecting and returning property to rightful owners.

The mission is to promote and support excellence and professionalism among those individuals charged with the responsibilities of unclaimed property administration and compliance.

One of the areas of compliance has to do with how the states report unclaimed money.
UPExchange is a free web application for creating and submitting unclaimed property reports in the NAUPA II Electronic Reporting Standard.

It’s endorsed officially and exclusively by NAUPA. Because it’s a software-as-a-service offering (SaaS), it creates an exchange of functionality that takes location out of the equation. It’s accessible from anywhere, with any standard Web browser, and with no software to install or maintain. Because it permits holders to grant access to stakeholders of their choosing, it creates an exchange of information that enables efficient collaborationThe following is more for holders of unclaimed money, then for finders:

UPExchange’s modules can include:

    • Dormancy Processing to ensure compliance with all jurisdiction-specific deadlines, requirements, and procedures.
    • Mapping, Reporting, and Due Diligence to accept uploads from source systems, enable custom reporting, and manage and customize mandatory search letters.
    • Utilities that include:
    • An interface to Excel that supports mass update of your property records
    • User defined fields house additional property information to streamline processing
    • Jurisdiction-specific exemptions for each reporting authority
    • Rollback for undoing and redoing work, reversing file purges, and more
    • Re-file to submit state requested data modifications.If you would like to learn more about UPExchange, please visit their website at

      or, go to our Free Search page, or continue here if you want to learn more about state laws for finders.


  1. MichaelDcarpenter says

    Yes hi my name is Michael D Carpenter grandson of the late Nannie Ellen Randolph taylor and beneficiary on her life insurance policy which I cannot locate her #224 – ** – ****A if can locate her policy please contact me by email michael****** thank you

    • unclaimedfunds says

      I’m not sure you are contacting the place that you actually wanted to contact. If you go to the home page, you can click on any state on the map and it will take you to the each states unclaimed funds department. You can do a search there.

    • unclaimedfunds says

      I’m not sure where you sent the gold dust, but you would need to follow up with them to get information on that.

  2. Andrea Marie Gutierrez says

    my mother Maria Urquisa passed away December 8th of 2013 – I am looking for any kind of unclaimed money that would be mine because i am the daughter. from here please tell me where to find this information

  3. Alice Giddens says

    Was informed that my deceased mother Matilda Alice Giddens was named as beneficiary of a Humana Life Insurance policy by her now deceased brother Paul E. Lawrence

    • unclaimedfunds says


      If you are looking to claim that, you will need to find where it is being held if you don’t know. You can use the resources on this site to start. Then you will need to show proof that you are the heir.

  4. Robert Gall says

    Hi my name is Robert Gall and I have searched name that matches my name but I’m not sure if this claime is mine? Is it possible I can claim that fund ? Pls need advise & guidance to this claim.

    • unclaimedfunds says

      The best thing to do is contact the agency where you saw your name directly and ask them what you need to do to prove the funds are yours.
      They will most likely ask for your social security number as proof, or they will want proof that you lived at the address where the money is listed, proof that you worked at a certain address, etc.
      This is how they can confirm it’s yours if you have a similar name as someone else.

      Good luck!

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