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There Is Over $11 Billion In New York Unclaimed Money!  Empire State Building

$11 billion in New York unclaimed money is just under the gross domestic product of Cuba! It’s the most unclaimed money being held by any state.

Besides the fact that is a heavily populated state and contains one of the largest cities in the world, the fact that New York State does not give dollar amounts to unclaimed money finders on its list is one of the contributing factors to the reason there is so much money being held.

We’re located in New York, so we are checking the New York unclaimed money site often. We don’t do it much as unclaimed money finders, but basically for friends and family that might have unclaimed money being held for them in New York.

Even if you don’t find money the first time, it is good to check it every few months.

You never know what is going to show up. As I mention in the About Me page, I found money for my father several years ago that went back to 1939!

I had done previous searches using his name over the years and nothing came up, so it pays to do a search now and then.

Check out this video from the New York State Controllers office to learn more about unclaimed money being held and how you can claim your share.

If you are lucky and have everything you need in order, you can narrow the amount of time to claim your money to just a few weeks.   If you have to gather information that is hard to come buy, such as proof of a residence that you lived at many years ago, it could take several months to get your money.

The best thing to do is just be patient.  At least you know your money is there and it is not going anywhere.detective


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  1. Reginald Carolina says:

    Trying to find all my dads missing money recently deceased his name is Roosevelt Carolina From New York resided in Missouri his last years

  2. unclaimedfunds says:


    Sorry for your loss.

    I did see two listings under that name in New York at two different addresses, one in Freeport and one in Hempstead.

    I did not see anything in Missouri.

    Go to and enter the information.

    You will be able to print up a claim form and send it in. The State will tell you the additional information you need to claim it. New York does not list the dollar amounts. You will not know how much it is until they are almost ready to send payment.

    Good luck!

  3. Suzanne Faupel says:

    I recently discovered that a great aunt, Louise Marock, had unclaimed funds in NYS. She died in 1985 her only heir and executor, George Buchanan died in 2001, his wife and my mother died in 2003. How can I claim these funds? State is asking for things that seem to be unattainable??????

  4. unclaimedfunds says:

    Have you spoken to the state regarding what they are asking for?
    Do you know of a lawyer that may have handled her estate? If so, they would most likely have everything you need.
    I just helped an heir get money back and we had to go through the probate court. It’s possible that the probate court in the county that she lived may have information. Please let me know what they’re looking for besides the death certificate, proof of residency, and an executor.

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