Texas AlamaThere is currently more than $2 Billion worth of Texas unclaimed money being held by the Lone Star State!

There are about 25 million people in Texas and about 6 million names on the list of unclaimed money in Texas.

That means approximately one in four Texans have unclaimed money being held for them!

For a little background information, unclaimed property is defined as “any financial asset that has been abandoned by the owner for one or more years”.
Now, you may ask “why would someone abandon their own money?”. Well for the most part they don’t do it on purpose!

For instance, some examples of Texas unclaimed money include:

  • Dividend, payroll or cashier’s checks
  • Stocks, mutual fund accounts, bonds
  • Utility deposits and other refunds
  • Bank accounts and safe deposit box contents
  • Insurance proceeds
  • Mineral interest or royalty payments
  • Court deposits, trust funds, escrow accounts

Now, take a look the third item “utility deposits and other refunds”. Let’s say you moved into a house or an apartment and needed to get the electricity in your own name. The electric/utility company may have asked for a deposit before starting up your service. Now let’s say you lived there for several years and decided to move out. By this time, you have probably long forgotten about your utility deposit. If you move out and the utility company does not have a forwarding address or for some unknown reason on their end are not able to get you your deposit back, they are required by law to turn it over to the state.

In Texas, unclaimed money is turned over after one year. This is just one example of how your money might end up on the Texas unclaimed money list.

Claim Processing Time

It takes approximately 90 to 120 days  (see comment below) to process an original owner claim once it is received at the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, if no additional information is needed. Certain claims may take longer.

Technically, there is no deadline for claiming Texas unclaimed property. In fact, if the owner has passed away, heirs can legally claim their family’s assets. But abandoned items pile up extremely quickly, and the state has a very limited amount of space in which to store these items. After every possible method to contact the owner has been exhausted over several years, something has to be done.

Texas does need help in contacting the six million people owed unclaimed money. The state cannot do it all themselves.

Check out this video that explains how to search for unclaimed money in Texas:

Click here to search for Texas Unclaimed Money

The City of Houston, TX has their own list of unclaimed money.

The list has 410,000 names on it. This list only contains amounts under $100. Anything over $100 is turned over to the States unclaimed money division.

Still, if you live or have lived or worked in Houston, it doesn’t hurt to check to see if you have some money owed to you.

Here is the Houston, TX unclaimed money list (Not more than $100).


  1. cynthia lang says

    Almost 2 months ago I found unclaimed money under my deceased mother. Florence T N.
    p.o. box 3 2
    pearsall, texas 78061
    She lived at 8 5 E. t street
    pearsall, texas 78061

    my claim number is #13 36. Please get back to me.
    Cynthia N L

  2. Deloris says

    It has been 93 days since they received my information and I have not gotten my funds. I emailed them and was told it could take 3-4 months before they even start a search. Maybe the information listed here should be updated from 90 days to 4-6 months.

    • unclaimedfunds says

      Thank you for that information. I am going to change it to 90-120 days just so people don’t get their hopes up, maybe with a little note to see your comment below. There has recently been publicity in Texas regarding unclaimed money and that usually brings in a large amount of inquiries and claims. This is one of the reasons why I point out that becoming an unclaimed money finder is such a great business! There are only a limited amount of employees working on unclaimed funds compared to the amount of claims that come in. They are too busy processing claims to be actually looking for people owed money. The unclaimed money departments try to make it publicly known that money is being held by publishing names in the newspaper, advertising, etc., but unless someone owed money makes an inquiry themselves, it would be very rare to get a direct notification that you are owed unclaimed money. That is also why the dollar amount of money being held in general keeps going up every year.

    • unclaimedfunds says

      You need to contact the State of Texas for this (I’m assuming it is Texas as this is where you posted).
      Here is the contact information:

      Phone (M-F, 8am – 5pm): 1-800-654-FIND (3463) or (512) 463-3120
      Email: unclaimed.property@cpa.state.tx.us
      Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts,
      Unclaimed Property Division,
      Research and Correspondence Section,
      PO Box 12046,
      Austin, TX 78711-2046
      Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) 1-800-248-4099 or 512-463-4621

      • mari says

        I want to know if have some where any money for me I’m living in Austin Texas for many, years, since 1979 and had to have money some where i working for more then 25 years I really grateful if you can help me.


        Mari C Rodriguez

  3. AKINYELE OKE says

    In opened a savings account with Bank of America while on a visit to Houston in 2008. Due to some reasons I did not operate the account even with the smart in Nigeria for security reasons too, I came back to Houston for two weeks visit only to be told that my account is zero and I have to contact this web for help.
    My problem is that I will be out of Houston again in two weeks time.
    What should I do? I need help.

  4. unclaimedfunds says

    I thought I answered this earlier, but it appears I did not post the reply. I checked in Texas and there are two accounts under Peter Akinyele. You need to go to the state site and fill out the claim forms and send them in. It doesn’t matter where you are. As long as you can prove that they are your accounts, they will send the checks to you.

  5. Amy gage says

    We filled out our paperwork and they received our info on dec4 2014 it’s feb 27,2014 and still says the same thing.i don’t think it should take over 80 plus days to get money that is owed to you,especially if you really need it and sent all the correct paperwork.

    • unclaimedfunds says

      If you look above, you will see I changed the information to say from 60 days to 90-120 days. You have to understand there are millions of people owed unclaimed money, thousands that are filing claims, and probably only a handful of workers processing the claims. At least you know they have it and you will be getting your money back. Hopefully, you’ll have it soon!

  6. Terry says

    Finally my claim got approved march 5 2014 says you will receive your check within 7-10 days, then on march 10 , 2014 it says your check was printed please allow 7 to 10 days.does that mean that it was mailed march 10th?I am just confused if its 10 days from the 5 th or 10th of march.

    • unclaimedfunds says


      I’m just seeing this now, but I’m thinking it would be 7-10 days from when it was printed. Hope you got it by now.

  7. abiah woods says

    i had unclaimed wages from the texas workforce from 2009 i was going with this girl and she lied on me and said i hit her i end up losing my job for disd 2010 in the year 2011 i found out that she did that to ten guys in the past i tried filing for my unemployment but i didn’t get it at all please help me out in this matter i can be reach @xxx xxx xxxx

  8. Varo Artemio Cuero Villegas says

    Hi, My name is Varo Cuero from ecuador, I was visited Houston Texas in the 1978, 1979, and at this time i was opened a checking account # 06-373XXX in the FIRST CITY NATIONAL BANK OF HOUSTON TEXAS, for family problems y have to return my country Ecuador and I leave my money in this bank.
    Actually I am in ecuador and the reason for this letter is get my money back would you help me ?
    I am in disposition to proobe my identify when you required
    My adress is
    Muriel (1-15) between Av libertad y malecon
    Esmeraldas Ecuador
    home phone : 01159362 XXXXX
    cell phone: 011593-9841XXXXX

    • unclaimedfunds says

      I “X’ed” out some of your information for privacy reasons. I found your money. I am going to send you an email showing you how to claim it. If you don’t want to do that yourself, I can fill out the claim form for you, but you are going to have to fill out some information for me that I will send to you in an email, then I will apply that to your claim form in Texas.

    • unclaimedfunds says

      It depends if you have any money and where it is being held. If you do a search in a state that it is readily available it could take you a couple of minutes, maybe faster. If you don’t know where your money is or why money might be being held for you, it could take much longer but there are a lot of variables on such a general question.

  9. Russell Nichols says

    My father Edward L. Nichols had a bank account he showed me before his death that others dont seem to be aware of. I know where he banked but i don’t know if I’m listed as a beneficiary. How do i find out?

    • unclaimedfunds says

      There should be an estate lawyer or probate lawyer to handle these things. If you say they do not know about this account and you know where he banked, you can start by checking with the bank. If they don’t have any information or cannot help, then you can go to the state and see if anything is being held by them in his name. If so, you can try to claim it and then see what happens.

  10. kaleigh brantley says

    hi my name is kaleigh i am heir to funds through my father. the assets are through a couple of states how do me and my father get the assets?

    • unclaimedfunds says

      JW, you will need to contact the state directly and ask them. If it is Texas here is the information:
      Phone (M-F, 8am – 5pm): 1-800-654-FIND (3463) or (512) 463-3120

      Most likely they will ask for a death certificate as well as proof that you are the heir.

  11. John Robert Dial jr. says

    I worked at General Dynamice-1965-was in a savings payrooll fund never got my funds at time i was laid off

  12. Tawanda Hubbard says

    My father passed away a few years ago and we found that he had unclaimed money. It was a little over two thousand dollars. My sister printed off the forms and we both filled them out and signed them and they were sent it. She has been checking back and she said the lady sent the checks out over a month ago and I never received mine. Can you please check to see if there was one check sent out or if there were two and if the check was sent at all. My fathers name is Willie Hubbard and he lived in Arlington, Texas.

    Thank you,

    Tawanda Hubbard

  13. Leslie Nelson Hopper says

    How do I find the information on my deceased fathers’ probate attorney, the Will he left, and the Executor? My brother, who’s in prison, heard that my fathers’ step-son took my fathers guns & vehicles, and never looked for his actual sons.
    What legal actions should I take? Where should I start?
    He supposedly had two homes, one in Amarillo, one in Happy, Texas, listed under Lestor and/or Irene Hopper. I cannot find any information on these homes.
    Lestor died in 2010, & Irene died during the past year, we believe.
    Any assistance you can give would be extremely appreciated.

  14. Robin Wilson says

    How can i get a auto refund from Allstate my father name is on the check who is now decease. My father was the policy
    holder and as his daughter my name was also listed on the policy

  15. Lorraine Jeannette Williams Stokes says

    Do I have unclaimed funds from David H Williams of San Antonio, Texas?

    • unclaimedfunds says

      You’re going to either have to pick up the phone and call them, email them, or write them a letter.

      Here is the contact info again:

      Phone (M-F, 8am – 5pm): 1-800-654-FIND (3463) or (512) 463-3120
      Email: unclaimed.property@cpa.state.tx.us
      Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts,
      Unclaimed Property Division,
      Research and Correspondence Section,
      PO Box 12046,
      Austin, TX 78711-2046
      Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) 1-800-248-4099 or 512-463-4621

  16. Dorothy Clark says

    TX unclaimed property asked for more information on a claim I filed for my fiancé Gregory L. Bell now deceased 6/2/2010. Every time they correspond with me, I get a letter to wait 2 to 3 months for them to verify and compare the information, or a message they have contacted the holder and are waiting for a response from the holding company. I thought TX unclaimed property was holding the funds. One time they suspended my claim request and told me they would automatically reopen my file, when the information was received and verified by them and I wouldn’t have to do anything. This will be a whole year going back and forth, plus I believe there are other claims that I haven’t filed for. In 1989 or 1990 Greg and I signed up and was given separate applications for stock. The originals were supposed to come in the mail. I moved back to AL in 1990 or 91, never got dividends or stock papers.

  17. Luis De La Garza says

    My mother was married to Mr. Siegal and he had a trust but she was not included
    in trust she could only get interest on this. There is some money in this bank that is hers but cannot get since
    she was not included in this. I believe this is hers because his son and daughter
    could not get this. How can i prove this is hers if she did not have a will only trust information?

    Luis De La Garza

  18. Shirlon Yvonne Trent says

    When i check….it says i have money $989.78 ..when i call it say they can’t find funds…what do i do?

        • Brenda Lindley says

          can you help me because money was granted to me about w
          10 years ago but I was not able to claim it. I called the Cross Roads Oil company about my part is a large west Dallas lead settlement but they art not cooperating. Some of my realatives received their money but the are no responding to my money and I beleive the amount is about 5,000 what must I do.

  19. Marjorie A. McMurrey says

    Intrerested in how I should look for unclaimed funds under my name or my husband’s name, Allen Lamar McMurrey Jr.

  20. David says

    Can you please explain 2 things for me 1. It says my check was printed August 3rd, Does that mean it was sent out as well on the 3rd & 2nd Question What mail service do you use that takes 10-14 business Days? and if Standard WHY?

  21. David says

    Ok lets try this again since you won’t post mt Question After waiting 2 months for a reply & then I get approve on august 18th but for whatever reason after jumping through all your “Hoops” I have to wait for 2 weeks before MY MONEY to be sent to me. Than it wasn’t sent on the 1st like i was promise for MY MONEY it was sent on the 3rd. So why do I have to wait 7 to 10 business days when you could have overnighted MY MONEY to me?

  22. María del Carmen García Flores says

    Hola Buenas tardes!

    Necesito de apoyo y orientación urgente.!!

    Mi padre tiene una cuenta en Banco BBVA COMPASS en Eaglee Pass Texas, desde hace varios años. Hace poco recibió una carta del mismo donde habria de activar su cuenta pues de lo contrario su dinero pasaria al Estad de Texas. Cuando acudimos resulta el dinero ya fue extraido del Banco y nos sugieren buscar en esta pagina su nombre para hacer el reclamo correspondiente. Estoy batallando muchisimo. Vivimos en México. Me podria orientar por favor?. Se lo agradeceré infinitamente.

  23. Tan says

    Hello, I received notification from Texas Unclaimed Property a check was printed 10/6/2015, today is 10/17/2015 and I still have not received the check. Should I be concerned and have them to put a stop on the check and start over?

  24. Bryan Quintana says

    I do believe what my grandparents died they left me some money and property I would like to know how do I go about finding out if I have anything to inherit from their departure thank you very much Bryan Quintana

    • unclaimedfunds says


      You will need to take a look yourself and see if anything matches. There are twenty items that come up when entering your name.

  25. id an says

    Hello, Today is Nov. 03, 2015, as I mentioned before, Unclaimed Property mailed a check 10/6/2015 and stated to give it 7-10 business days to arrive. I still have no check, I did phone and was told I have to wait at least 30 days before anything could be done. Was this information correct?

    • unclaimedfunds says

      You’re asking on the incorrect site. You need to contact the State of Texas at:

      Phone (M-F, 8am – 5pm): 1-800-654-FIND (3463) or (512) 463-3120
      Email: unclaimed.property@cpa.state.tx.us
      Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts,
      Unclaimed Property Division,
      Research and Correspondence Section,
      PO Box 12046,
      Austin, TX 78711-2046
      Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) 1-800-248-4099 or 512-463-4621

  26. Katrina Thomas says

    I keep getting an email saying that I have some unclaimed money but where do I start off looking or searching???….Please reply Thanks

    • unclaimedfunds says

      Make sure you are dealing with the state of Texas directly. They will not charge you a fee to get your money.

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